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“We create a stable, secure, demanding and motivating environment for school-age athletes who are chasing their dreams».

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Who is it aimed at?

New Castelar Elite Sports

NCC Elite Sports is aimed solely at students who meet the following criteria:

Students aged 13 to 17 years enrolled at New Castelar College in grades between the 3rd year of ESO and the 2nd year of the Bachillerato programme, inclusive of both grades

Athletes who meet pre-established criteria and can demonstrate sufficient athletic demands placed on them to justify their inclusion in the programme

Students of all nationalities

Students who demonstrate exceptional athletic achievements and need support with academic matters

Admission is open to athletes who compete in both individual and team sports

Students with special needs in areas other than sport may be admitted to this programme

The programme

New Castelar Elite Sports

Adapts educational assignments and requirements to the specific needs of each student’s sports discipline, without any concessions made for its participants in terms of academic standards


Obligation to attend at least 40% of weekly teaching hours in person.
Decisions in this regard will be made in mutual agreement between the centre’s management, the programme coordinator, the tutor of the grade in question, the student’s family and the relevant figures responsible for the student’s sports development.


Constant communication with participants via the Esemtia app, including the creation of a specific email address for this purpose.


Placement in the language immersion programme with the aim of facilitating the student’s swift adaptation to New Castelar College’s requirements in this area.


Daily online monitoring sessions by teachers and tutors with students, with pre-established timetables.


Adjustment of the curriculum and the exam and coursework delivery schedule to suit each student’s training and competition schedule.

Organisational Chart

New Castelar Elite Sports

To ensure the smooth functioning of New Castelar Elite Sports, it is essential to create an organisational chart detailing the various roles that the programme encompasses, as well as the distribution of tasks and responsibilities associated with its implementation.

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New Castelar Elite Sports

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As an essential component of New Castelar Elite Sports, a rigorous programme of scholarships has been created to enable New Castelar College to help families meet the significant costs associated with the pursuit of sport at the highest level.
To this end, a detailed protocol has been developed based on various criteria, to create a scale used to award scholarships under the most stringent and exacting control standards.
The amounts to be awarded to each athlete that are ultimately agreed upon will be discounted from the school fees payable as a student at New Castelar College.
For each school year, the Board of Directors will determine the total amount of all scholarships to be awarded, as well as the criteria to be followed for this purpose.


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